Christ Embassy’s President Our Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Vision


We think that the Bible is the Word of God and contains one harmonious as well as sufficiently complete system of doctrine. We also believe in the full inspiration of the Word of God. We hold the Word of God to be the only authority in all matters and assert that no doctrine can be right or essential, if it does not find a place in this word.

Being in Christ Embassy is more than being in a church; it’s additional than a church. It’s a vision, and when you worship at Christ Embassy, you learn extra than just the letters; it’s the spirit of the word. The Spirit of God gets a hold of your life, and then His Vision becomes genuine, not only to you, but He makes that vision valid in such a way that others get to know what the word of God actually is by watching the word of God manifested in your life each day. That is the reason we like public to come to Christ Embassy, that’s the reason they are invited. Since they are being a part of something that is more than a church, it’s a vision, God’s Vision. Welcome to Christ Embassy.

If you are looking for a place to worship or you are looking for a great place where the Word of God will come alive in your spirit? Then, Christ Embassy is the great place to be! Christ Embassy is more than a church; it’s a vision, God’s vision. We are part of the worldwide vision of Our Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as well as the Believers’ Love World Ministries.

We invite you to worship with us as well as we are confident that the Word of God will come alive in your spirit as you do. God bless you!

The Embassy Church is a unique place where people

  • Come and Encounter God
  • Catch and Embrace our Identity
  • Connect and Experience Healthy relationships
  • Contribute as well as Engage in Ministry

In all of this, we desire to promote a family style ministry that strengthens the well home unit, and helps to heal and re-build the broken one.

To keep, equip and mobilize the church members toward ministry involvement as well as lifestyle evangelism. To offer a quality worship experience that affords both church members and seekers a convivial environment, that is participatory, authentically supernatural, and truly caring.

To preserve Biblical balance in all aspects of our church life as well as practice … avoiding detrimental excesses. To utilize creative as well as innovative means (willing to give up set tradition), in order to reach and keep public for Jesus Christ, Pastor Chris all the while, holding onto the unchanging principles and precepts of God’s Word.

An Embassy cannot run independent of the homeland; communication is ongoing whether there are problems or not. Lines of communication are for all time open; there are no busy signals or voicemail messages.


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